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Working with Vala Studios to create your site is more than just building an online presence, it is creating a presence that matters. We strive to take our clients on an engaging journey to develop a personalized online presence that tells their story and impacts their constituents.

The Process

The starting point of every great website is asking the right questions, understanding our client’s goals, objectives, purpose, market and audience provides the foundation for everything else. We meet you in person, (or online if that is more convenient), to brainstorm and strategize, from that we learn about your needs, wants, ideas, and expectations. We will then work together to ensure your expectations result in a deliverable design.

After our initial meeting(s), we take everything we learned about you and your company and develop a work plan and a basic concept for your website. Usually we create three different layouts to give you the opportunity to select what you think best represents your organization. Once you have selected a final concept, we will provide you with a statement of deliverables and a quote for the complete project.

Translating your ideas and the final concept into a functional template and a meaningful website includes attention to the user experience and development of unique components that will create lasting impressions. This is a collaborative time and we will send updates about our progress and get your feedback along the way. In the end, we will reveal the site that exceeds your expectations.

The final step of our process is to launch your new presence. We upload the new website to the hosting service you prefer, setup the pages with content we create together, make adjustments as necessary, and then assemble it online for all to see! At which point we say congratulations and celebrate our clients brand new website!

Other Possibilities

While website development and design is our primary focus, it does not mean our services end there. We offer two additional services which can be coupled with a website redesign or be requested individually.

Logo Redesign

If your old look just doesn’t do it for you anymore or it simply needs a change, we can help by creating a brand-new logo and artwork to represent your progressive company.

Long Term Support & Content Management

Whether we have created a great new website for you or you have one that you continue to use, we can help support it. Most organizations don’t have the time or means to manage and update content for their site. We can provide the necessary assistance you may need by managing the website for you, allowing you to focus on your business.

The Product

Christina Norris Salon

Not every client wants a complicated website. Christina Norris Salon is a responsive small business website with integrated social media.

Full website

Lutheran Church Canada – Central District

Some clients have lots of content and need it displayed and accessed in a format their users are familiar with. Lutheran Church Canada – Central District was built with this in mind.

Full website

JC Chartered Accountant & Business Advisor

Other clients want scalability over time. They start out with a few features and expand as their business grows. JC Chartered Accountatn is a fully responsive website incorporating the latest technology to function across all user devices.

Full website

Church of the Lutheran Hour

Then there are Full-width websites are designed for small congregations. Implements full sized slider, large buttons, and easy to read content for elderly members.

Saint James Lutheran Church

Two column website for clients who need mutiple pages and room for lots of static content. Implements features such as a calendar, contact forms, and built in video that are great for non-profit organizations.

Full website

Nicks Inn

No matter the layout or amount of content, every website is designed to reflect the look and feel a client wants. Nicks Inn is a fifties style restaurant whose theme was translated to their website.

Full website

The Potential Client?

Perhaps you are our next client. We specifically cater to the needs of small business and faith-based organizations. Our clients’ needs range from a very simple landing/splash page to get them into the online world, to extensive integrated web/social/video/mobile platforms. The best way to find out if we can help is simply to reach out to us.

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